Danu Enterprises Wellness Retreats


The Island of Bali is a place of healing, not only in the most direct sense-with actual healers and cleansing practices available, but as a destination. With nature abounding, people come to Bali to soak in its rich atmosphere, calming and peaceful. Together with vast health, wellness and relaxation venues offered now, the island is truly somewhere to feel whole.

From visiting a traditional healers, practicing yoga, and ideas on how to disconnect for it all, to discovering and cooking healing foods, explore with us why this island of the gods is the perfect place to heal, cleanse, and reconnect you to your best self.

Asia has long been a treasure trove of ancient healing techniques and practices. From the Ayurvedic healing system of the Indian subcontinent to TCM and acupuncture of China, to traditional Usada, Bali is rich with age-old practices that have again risen to the surface of the wellness world, presenting complementary treatments to modern health procedures.

Wellness programs take many different forms. Ultimately they exist to achieve one goal: for us to achieve health and wellness. Combining together educational and immersive programs with so many spiritually charged places to offer our retreats give people the time and place to truly heal.

Wellness Week Water Focus June 23-30, 2021 or by private bookings

Bali practices “Agama Tirta,” holy water religion, and water is an essential element not just in the spiritual practice but also in healing. Here we use water for purification— removing impurities in the body and mind.

Including: body work, fresh & sea water excursions, nature walks, healer visits, yoga classes, seminars every day, Beachfront Bungalows at Dive Hotel. 7 breakfasts, 1 dinner.

Day 1: East Bali Arrival

Day 2: East Bali BD Early snorkeling excursion. Seminar on manners and customs at lunch. Down time and first body work session. Sunset talk: Bali Hinduism and concept of balance.

Day 3: East Bali Yoga class (morning) nature walk to Tenganan aboriginal village. Down time/body work. Sunset seminar: Sekala/Niskala; what you can see & what you can’s see.

Day 4: East Bali Half-day snorkeling excursion. Second Body Work session. Sunset seminar: Holy Water

Day 5: East Bali B Yoga class. Excursion to Puri Amlapura (the last Raja’s Palace) and Tirtagangga Water Palace. Sunset seminar: Balinese traditional healers and healing.

Day 6: Ubud B Transfer to Ubud. Visit a healer on the way. Check in. Traditional dance performance.

Day 7: Ubud BD Purification ceremony at a house of Pedanda (High Priest/Priestess ). Visit to second healer. Free afternoon. Farewell ristaffel banquet .

Cost based on shared room $1022.00 Single supplement: $195.00

Wellness Week Earth Focus March 15-21, 2021

In Bali volcano’s are sacred and to trek among them in fresh mountain air restores the senses, invigorates core energy and tired muscles. The peace and beauty of the mountains and our award-winning eco-hotel inspires the psyche.

Included: Waterfalls, rice field and lake-side nature walks. Botanical garden and fruit and flower market, food as medicines cooking workshop, Herb walk. Yoga classes, Ayurvedic body work.

Day 1 Mountain Resort Arrival. Noon check-in to hotel. Lunch and seminar on manners and customs. Coffee/clove plantation waterfall walk. After return, ayurvedic body work begins. At dinner, a talk on Bali Hinduism.

Day 2 Mountain Resort BD Early Yoga. Village and rice field walk to animistic temple. Ayurvedic body work continues. Talk on Balinese view of Sekala/Niskala( what you can see and can’t ). Ethnographic film: The Three Worlds of Bali

Day 3 Mountain Resort BD Yoga class. Talk on Traditional Healers. Lake & Bird Walk. Free afternoon.

Day 4: Mountain Resort BL Yoga class. Half-day Food as Medicines workshop and lunch. Traditional dance performance.

Day 5: Ubud B Yoga class. Visit to local healer. Lunch and check-out. Transfer to Ubud. Traditional market and botanical garden stop on the way.

Day 6 Ubud Yoga class. Visit to second healer. Traditional dance performance.

Day 7 Ubud BD Purification ceremony at a house of Pedanda ( High Priest/Priestess ). Free afternoon. Farewell risjtaffel dinner.

Minimum 6, maximum 8 participants

$1022.00 Based on shared room. Single supplement: $215.00