Understanding Balinese Spiritualy: A One Day Workshop

It is impossible to visit the enchanting island without being aware of the devotion the Balinese show every day in the practice of their religion. With its roots in Indian Hinduism, Bali-Hinduism is a blend of that, Buddhist philosophy, and elements of Animism as well.

Made Surya, the son of a priest, was given special training in religion as a young man, and continues his studies, researching and reading lontar books. Spend the day with Made and discover what a multi-layered spiritual practice this is.

Elements covered include a brief history of the arrival of Hinduism in Bali, traces of Siva Tantra and Sakta School of Hinduism, applied concept of Macro & Microcosm on the island, Agama Tirtha (“Holy Water Religion”) in practice and Balinese Rites of Passages. Applied concepts of body, mind and spirit concluded the workshop



In the morning you are picked up at your accommodation in Ubud and driven a short distance out of town where you meet Made at a beautiful 11th century temple, where he lays the groundwork to your venture into spiritual Bali as you tour the inner sanctum.

The conversation continues as you venture to another important temple nearby.

Morning activities conclude at the home of a priest where Made discuses Balinese Asta Kosala/Kosali, the traditional layout of a Balinese temple and household compound, and meeting the priest where the conversation continues.

Break in days activities, and time for lunch.

We reconvene late afternoon and journey to Tampaksiring, and the temple of Tirta Empul, where you will experience a purification ritual in the sacred healing springs. Following, you visit inner sanctum of the temple, and participate in a blessing ceremony. Transport back to your hotel in Ubud early evening.

Workshop costs include all elements listed above:

  • transport,

  • entrance fees,

  • offerings, and services.


  • 1 person-$245.00

  • 2 people-$130.00 each

  • 3 people-$85.00 each.

For larger numbers of participants please inquire.

This workshop may also be booked as 1/2 day.

Deposit: A deposit of $100. with registration/release form insures space. Cancellation fee $50.00. The remaining fee is due the beginning of the first meeting in US dollars or rupiah at current exchange rate or in advance by Paypal.