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As the son of a Balinese priest, I Made Suryasa developed a keen interest in Bali’s sacred and religious fields from a young age. He learned to read the old Javanese language, Kawi, as well as Sanskrit, both used in ancient texts. Thus, he became a senior research assistant for several scholarly books, has been a contributor to Hinduism Today, and studied with one of Bali’s most renowned healers for 15 years.

“Balinese healing is complex,” he says. “Visiting the wrong type of balian can lead to some serious disappointment.” Pak Surya, as he is better known, has led traditional healing journeys to Bali since 1986, helping visitors find the right path based on their ailments. His fluent command of Balinese, English and Indonesian has helped to facilitate these more clandestine circles. Importantly, he is selective in the balians he takes his guests to.

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Traditional Healing and Healers in Bali

June 3-16, 2023,

Includes 4 nights each at Bali’s mountains, sea, and cultural center, created for those who wish to be healed, or are merely curious aboutthe techniques of those who the spirits favor to be their earthly representatives and aid those in need of their skills.

For travelers who seek to delve below the surface. With traditional healing expert Made Surya—the top authority on the the subject.

Bali Adventure Tour: Trekking, Snorkeling, Rafting

July 1- 15, 2023

The itinerary of this trip includes physical recreation in a paradise setting nearly every day, allowing participants to expand their bodies, minds, and spirits, in an environment that nurtures all three elements simultaneously.

Excursions will include rice field hikes, treks in rain forests, volcano climbs, snorkeling expeditions among tropical coral gardens, walks through coffee and clove plantations, and lush waterfalls.

Bali Behind the Mask: A Cultural, Spiritual, and Personal Healing Journey in Bali with Lori Rivera

August 16-28, 2023

In this two-week tour, we will explore both inner and outer landscapes as we delve into the Balinese spiritual and cultural practices that are seamlessly woven into the fabric of daily life. Under Surya and Judy’s expert guidance, we will be welcomed into temples and the homes/studios of artists and healers. Under Lori’s gentle guidance, we will take time to begin each day with inspiring yoga and meditation, and to deepen and integrate our experiences in this rich, soulful culture through group discussions, guided meditation/exercises, and periods of silence. The mythological, spiritual and ancestral environment of Bali can stimulate deep psychological insights,


Balinese Healers and Healing: a Five-Day Intensive.

There has been a strong, dynamic and extended movement in western culture to explore traditional medicine from many ancient cultures which received momentum in the early 1970’s. The study of Asian medicine has been in the forefront of this movement, particularly Chinese acupuncture, herbal medicine and the practice of Feng Shui. This workshop is conceived as an introduction to the philosophy and use of traditional medicine in Bali—why Balinese use it, its causes–both internal and external, material and spiritual.


The Best of Bali: Yoga, Art, and Spirituality with Denise Wendler.

Bali is famous for its stunning physical beauty, rich spiritual life, and gracious hospitality. A lush, emerald gem of an island full of majestic volcanoes and terraced rice fields that spill gently into an azure sea. Bali’s rich cultural heritage and deep reverence for life are legendary, rendering it more than just another tropical island paradise. Bali-Hinduism (an exceptional mix of Hinduism, Buddhism and Animism) guides every aspect of life. Ritual and reverence are everywhere you look, creating an artistic and spiritual mecca unlike anywhere else in the world.

Denise Wendler
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