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Balinese Healers and Healing, a Five-Day Intensive

Jan. 27-31, 2017   Feb. 6-10, 2017  July 24-28 in Ubud Bali

Bali HealersSeminars on diverse subjects such as: Introduction to Bali Hinduism and its relationship to traditional healing, talk on types of healers, traditional Balinese medical literature, mystical aspects of the practice, the four spiritual Siblings (Kanda Empat)— the spiritual elements that accompany Balinese throughout their lives and their role in healing, the magic of the Left versus the Right, love potions, black magic and their relationship to illness, the concept of Cakra’s and misconceptions of Tantra.

Field trips include a ritual purification at Tirta Empul, Tampaksiring, an excursion to the Ubud market and talk about foods with medicinal properties, an herb walk in neighboring area, an afternoon making making herbal medicine, and a visit to Denpasar meeting with a guest speaker from the Udayana University Medical Dept. on comparisons of traditional healing with western medicine. Continue Reading

Healers and Healing Traditions: a journey into the culture and healing arts of Bali in a two-week workshop setting With Made Surya and Evelyn Hall.

Aug. 22 - Sept. 3, 2017

This trip offers an in-depth excursion into the culture of Bali through the eyes of the Balinese, for those who wish to observe, appreciate, and experience traditional healing methods, at the same time enhancing their own health with traditional massage.

There has been a strong, dynamic and extended movement in western culture to explore traditional medicine from many ancient cultures which received momentum in the early 1970’s. The study of Asian medicine has been in the forefront of this movement, particularly Chinese acupuncture, herbal medicine and the practice of Feng Shui. This trip is conceived as an introduction to the philosophy and use of traditional medicine in Bali—why Balinese use it, its causes–both internal and external, material and spiritual.

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