Teaching Workshops, Lecture Demonstrations, and Seminars

SeminarMade Surya has taught seminars and workshops at many different museums, educational institutions, conferences and events, both in Bali and in the United States including:
Avery Brundage Asian Museum San Francisco CA, the De Young Museum San Francisco CA, the Acacdemy of Sciences, San Francisco, Sacramento State University, College of Marin, Monterey Peninsula College, the Institute of Noetic Sciences, Esalen Institute, UC Berkeley, and many more.

Participatory Workshops, or Lecture Demonstrations;

  • Contrasts in Balinese and Western Dance: First commissioned by UC Berkeley Research Expeditions, this demo breaks down the elements of Balinese dance to better understand what is being perceived, and also illustrates the opposition of many of the elements to western dance.
  • Balinese Mask Carving: This may be taught s a class or as a demonstration using masks at various stages to illustrate how the mask comes alive and emerges from the block of wood to the finished performance piece.
  • Balinese Vocal Music: A wealth of possibilities including a demonsration of Kidung, the acoustic chants sung at temple festials, to easy to learn folk or childrens songs. And most popular, the Kecak, vocal acoustic “body music” imitting the chorus of monkeys from the Ramayana story.
  • Balinese offering making: Made demonstrates or teaches how to make the most common type of everyday Balinese offering, meanwhile explaining the meaning of each of the ingrediants.
  • Balinese Cooking: Made Surya has lead several culinary tours to Bali, some accompanied by celebrity chefs. He has been a Guest Chef at several restaurants and events, and his recipes are in several publications. He can be see on Youtube: “Surya makes Tempe.”


  • Indonesian History and Politics
  • Bali-Hinduism
  • Balinese Rites of Passage
  • Kanda Empat: The Four Siblings
  • Balinese Concepts of Tantra
  • The Subak and Balinese Irrigation Systems
  • Sacred Masks
  • Trance
  • Traditional Cooking in Bali
  • Traditional Healing In Bali
  • Child Rearing Practices in Bali