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Yoga, Meditation and Healing in Bali with Jane and Tiffany Loney

tirta gangga bali
February 6-18, 2019

Bali is famous for its stunning physical beauty, rich spiritual life, and gracious hospitality. It’s a lush, emerald gem of an island full of majestic volcanoes and terraced rice fields that spill gently into an azure sea. Bali’s rich cultural heritage and deep reverence for life are legendary and make it more than just another tropical island paradise. Bali-Hinduism (an exceptional mix of Hinduism, Buddhism and Animism) guides every aspect of life. Ritual and reverence are everywhere you look, creating an artistic and spiritual mecca unlike anywhere else in the world

Our trip will bring you into three distinct regions of Bali. We will stay in small, locally owned hotels—each with its own yoga space—away from the tourist scene—so you can fully immerse yourself in this unique, evocative culture. In addition to daily yoga classes our excursions will include rice field hikes, treks in the rain forest, snorkeling expeditions among tropical coral gardens, walks through coffee and clove plantations, and lush waterfalls. Each day, your tour guides will give you an insider’s view of Balinese dance, music, art, and sacred ceremonies.

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