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The Spirit of Buddhism in Bali. The Mountains, the Sea, and the Cultural Center.

June 11-23, 2019

Bali, the justly renowned diamond in the necklace of islands that makes up the world’s largest archipelago, is well-known for its inner and outer beauty. Bali Hinduism is the predominant local religion and one that nurtures and encourages the arts. Bali’s stunning geographical beauty includes majestic volcanoes surrounded by terraced rice fields  that gently spill into an azure sea.

Bali is also known for its friendly hospitality. Beyond the high-rise tourist hype found at the resorts on the southern tip of the island are back roads never traveled by the conventional tour bus. There are native villages where a foreign face is still an unfamiliar sight.

Originally the people of Indonesia were the worshippers of nature (animism) and Continue Reading